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Holding Shed Greyhound racing and its cruelty is a problem worldwide. Something that became public in 2011 was the abomination of the Canidrome, a race track in Macau, China, which gets their greyhounds from Australia. You might wonder why this is any different than other tracks around the world… the simple answer to that is every greyhound that races on the track in Macau is killed when no longer a viable racer. They have no adoption program and no further use for the racers. This has been admitted by the authorities in Macau.

Animal protection groups Animals Asia; Animals Australia; Macau’s group, ANIMA; Greyhound Rescue Australia; and United States greyhound welfare advocate group, GREY2K USA have been working hard to diplomatically end the export of greyhounds from Australia and the racing and killing of them in Macau. To this end, we appeal to everyone who cares about greyhound welfare and animals in general, to contact the authorities in Australia and Macau and urge them to stop this shameful act resulting in the deaths of hundreds of greyhounds annually at this dilapidated track in Macau.

Dogs to Race The first link below takes you to a recent update on the indignation of the community when told by Canidrome officials the racers would be euthanized rather than adopted out. The second link takes you to the page which provides the email addresses for the officials who need to be contacted and discouraged from continuing this disgraceful policy. The third link takes you to the page in honor of a Macau racer named Brooklyn, whose plight was the impetus for the worldwide campaign to end Macau’s killing and Australia’s exportation of greyhounds (lots of information on the Canidrome and the plight of the racers).

Brooklyn Australia needs to STOP shipping greyhounds to Macau and Macau needs to SHUT DOWN the track where so many greyhounds have been killed – all for the sake of entertainment. Please visit and read all three links below and then send your message to the officials indicated in the second link.

Thank you for helping greyhounds worldwide.


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