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On November 2nd, we’ll once again be at the Animal Humane New Mexico Doggie Dash and Dawdle, held at Balloon Fiesta Park. Go here for details:
November 14th, 15th and 16th, we’ll be at Weem’s ArtFest on the fair grounds (Expo New Mexico event grounds). Go here for details:

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Greyhound Adoption Clinics in Santa Fe, NM
Date: September 20, 2014
Time: 12 noon - 3 pm
Location: Teca Tu
Address: Sanbusco Market Center,
500 Montezuma Ave #116

Galgos and Podencos: Hell in Spain for these Innocent Dogs
Spain has been known for many things – its beauty and architecture to name just a couple. Spain is also known for its horrible abuse of animals - most people are unaware of the suffering and killing of tens of thousands of hunting dogs at the end of every hunting season. Shamelessly, the hunters of Spain, called galgueros, torture, hang and abandon their faithful hunting dogs when no longer useful to them.

The most popular hunting dogs of Spain are essentially Greyhounds and Ibizan hounds, but called Galgos and Podencos in countries where they are bred and used. The Galgo and Podenco are two of the most persecuted breeds of dog on earth. Galgos are bred for their speed in the flat lands, and Podencos for their agility in the mountainous hunting regions of Spain.

For all they do to please the galgueros, they are rewarded with brutal treatment and protracted deaths as they are hung from trees with their feet barely touching the ground – “playing the piano” as it is referred to by the heartless galgueros who torture these dogs in unimaginable ways.

Greyhound Companions of New Mexico is working with several groups in Spain to rescue some of these dogs. The groups in Spain and other countries who are trying to protect these dogs are overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of numbers rescued by concerned citizens and brought into shelters for veterinary attention, food, water and shelter.

We know there are plenty of animals suffering here in the U.S. and we want our supporters to know we are not turning our backs on those here in America who need our help. However, we want to help raise awareness among Americans about the plight of the Galgo and Podenco of Spain. Exposing atrocities of this nature is what it takes to bring about change – even in a nation so far away.

With the help of grants from The Lexus Project ( GCNM and other greyhound rescue groups are bringing in some of the dogs from Spain, not only for the purpose of finding them exceptional forever homes, but also as “ambassadogs” to help spread the word about the cruelty in Spain. Talking about it helps, but having the dogs present is a much more powerful educational tool.

Telma Shaw of GRIN (Greyhound Rescue Internation Network) is largely responsible for coordinating all that goes into getting the dogs from Spain to the U.S. Telma knows of the overpopulation of animals here in the U.S. and has written this explanation that may help some of you understand why we are helping the Galgos and Podencos:

Aren’t There Enough Dogs In the US In Need of Homes?
Pet overpopulation is truly an overwhelming issue that affects animals and people worldwide. All over the world animals are bred indiscriminately. There are not enough homes available for the animals that are products of intentional breeding, much less all the “accidental” breeding. The result of this is the euthanasia of countless thousands of dogs and cats each year. The keys to changing the pet overpopulation crisis are the spaying/neutering of all dogs and cats, and education of the public at large. At G.R.I.N., we see the pet overpopulation as a problem without borders and we want to make a difference wherever and however we can. By bringing a very few galgos to the U.S., we are exposing the atrocities that occur in Spain with these “ambassadogs”, and hopefully educating people. Each of the G.R.I.N. board members is involved in the rescue and care of animals in the U.S. Our goal is to raise awareness and promote change in the way animals are treated everywhere.

To see the story of GCNM’s first rescue from Spain, go here:

LetizaWe will be bringing dogs in from Spain, just a few at a time over the next year. Their photos and information will appear on our website and the Greyhound Companions of New Mexico Facebook page. If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably already seen the photo of this sweet girl, Letiza – she’ll be arriving on June 9th along with one other. Both already have homes, but there will be more coming in October or November, so stay tuned!

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The GCNM News Fall 2008/Winter 2009 issue (681-KB download) includes the following articles:
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  • Unadoptable Greyhounds - The Racing Industry?s Dirty Secret
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  • Amputation Decisions by Laura Silvester
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  • 2006 Reunion Bigger than Ever!
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Tim and Kay Reardon
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The GCNM News Summer 2006 issue (510-KB download) includes the following articles:
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  • Hounds Looking for Loving Homes
  • Yard Hazards for Greyhounds
  • Juarez Dog Track Closes Again: How Many Greyhounds Didn?t Make It Back Alive?
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The GCNM News Winter/Spring 2006 issue (528-KB download) includes the following articles:
  • Greyhound Welfare: A Popular Subject
  • Cat Litter Dangers
  • Greyhounds in Juarez
  • The Lie of Omission: How It Hurts the Greyhounds
  • Dog Parks: Are They a Good Idea?
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The GCNM News Fall 2005 issue (662-KB download) includes the following articles:
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  • GCNM Reunion: Bigger and Better Every Year!
  • Greyhound Rescue Spotlight: Save The Greyhound Dogs!
  • The Bone Bistro: Albuquerque's Newest Hot Spot for Dogs and Their People
  • Sending America's Greyhounds to Mexico: Will Microchips Protect Them from Abuse?
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The GCNM News Summer 2005 issue (415-KB download) includes the following articles:
  • 2005 Reunion Coming Up!
  • An Angel from Henderson, Nevada
  • Fighting or Playing? Aggression in Greyhounds
  • TRUST - A Deadly Disease
  • GCNM Volunteer Spotlight: Cara Balestrieri
  • Production Company Invites GCNM to Participate in PBS Project
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The GCNM News Spring 2005 issue (483-KB download) includes the following articles:
  • Greyhounds Not Dogs??
  • 2005 Reunion
  • Pathologic Fractures: Osteosarcoma's Painful Message
  • Osteosarcoma in Greyhounds: Early Diagnosis and Options
  • Getting a Second Opinion
  • GCNM Volunteer Spotlight: Barb Wells
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The GCNM News Winter 2004/2005 issue (352-KB download) includes the following articles:
  • Dedication to Fever Paulsen
  • "Mulder The Great"
  • "Fernando" The Puppy Patch Rescue
  • Leptospirosis in New Mexico

The GCNM News Fall 2004 issue (378-KB download) includes the following articles:
  • Biggest GCNM Reunion Ever!!
  • Shyness, Fearfulness and Induced Phobias in Greyhounds
  • GCNM Volunteer Spotlight: Rob and Sherry Mangold
  • Injuries Biggest Threat to Greyhounds
  • GCNM Calendars Available NOW!

The GCNM News Summer 2004 issue (439-KB download) includes the following articles:
  • Picnic With the Greyhounds on September 26, 2004
  • Cassie's Cure: "Incontinence" Mystery Solved
  • An Interview With Darren Rigg
  • Reciprocal Greyhound Sitting
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Judy and Roger Gumble

The GCNM News Spring 2004 issue (567-KB download) includes the following articles:
  • Annual Greyhound Reunion Details
  • Greyhound Adoption: What Went Wrong
  • BANK ON IT by Leona Rude
  • Meet the Volunteers: Ann Perkins and Ruben

The GCNM News Winter 2003-2004 issue (425-KB download) features the following articles:
  • Fun Times at Rowland's!
  • Then More Fun at the 21st Annual Doggie Dash and Dawdle
  • First Annual Governor's Conference on Animal Cruelty
  • Pain Management and Greyhounds

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