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About Greyhound Companions of New Mexico


Greyhound Companions of New Mexico is a certified nonprofit organization founded in 1993 for the purpose of rescuing retired racing greyhounds. We have evolved into a program concerned not only for the welfare of existing greyhounds, but for the future of the many greyhounds being bred for the purpose of racing. We believe it is important to address the whole story about greyhounds, not just find homes for them. Adopting out greyhounds while failing to provide details on their plight is doing a disservice to every greyhound we place and every greyhound destined for the sport of pari-mutuel racing.


It is true that greyhounds can make wonderful companions, but it is remiss to place these unique dogs into homes without properly educating adopters on what to expect from these curious, sometimes frightened and fragile canine athletes. Potential adopters need to know that the greyhound is not a hardy breed and their thin hair and skin makes them susceptible to injuries that would not faze most breeds. Also, old racing injuries can produce discomfort and intermittent or chronic lameness if the dog is subjected to rough play with children or other pets. These are unique dogs requiring well-prepared homes.

Greyhound Companions of New Mexico takes particular interest in abnormalities in the retired racing greyhound resulting from the environment in which they are raised, trained and raced. These abnormalities can take the form of health and/or behavioral problems. Informing adopters of these potential difficulties can mean the difference in a successful placement and one in which the adopter surrenders the greyhound to an animal shelter or other rescue agency. Please refer to Greyhound Behavior & Health section for specific information.

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If you would like more information about GCNM, adopting greyhounds, or donating to this nonprofit organization, contact us using the information below.

Phone: 505-377-0124
Write to: GCNM, PO Box 22053, Albuquerque, NM 87154-2053


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